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A Choice



Vapor Field



What is this mysterious bar, and why has it appeared at the top of all of our 2013 Red Tactics screenshots?

The Vapor Field is one of our newest ideas to the game, one we hope will mix up the traditional flow of tactical RPG combat. In an abrupt sense, it’s a communal bar that every spellcaster on the field both contributes to and benefits from. 

Actions in Red Tactics are divided into Abilities (physical damage) and Spells(magic damage), and any Spell cast will charge the vapor field in proportion to how much Spirit was spent to cast the spell. As the Vapor Field charges up, the field becomes “haunted” and reduces the cost of all spells cast. After the Vapor Field reaches 100, the field enters a danger zone in which spells can fail and inflict a random status effect on the caster.

With this in mind, the player might try to keep the vapor level low in a battle against many Warlocks and Mages when he himself controls only one Priest, because the enemy team disproportionately benefits from the Spirit cost reduction. However, if the field is very close to being tipped into the “danger zone,” it might be smart to overload the field so that those enemy Warlocks and Mages might fail their spells. 

We also have one class that excels at manipulating the level of the Vapor Field, exorcising and haunting it, so tune in next week for our Sneak Peek!